Post Conference Workshop

# Title Brochure
1. Practical Touch For Health : 23 ideas dan Simple Application of Touch Practical Touch For Health for Pain Relief by Matthew Thie (2 Days Workshop) Download
2. LAE (Articular Energetic Release) Download
3. Colour for Life: an IKC Certified Course in Kinesiology and Colour Therapy Download
4. Body Management Essentials to Health by Brian Haraga Download
5. Goal, Element, Mode, Stack (GEMS) by Alexis Costello Download
6. Practical Touch For Health : Touch For Health Holistic Approach to Wrist Pain and Repetitive Stress by Matthew Thie (1 Day Workshop) Download
7. Touch for Health & the Chakras by Hugo Tobar Download
8. The Illusive Ileocecal Valve: Its Importance to Your Health and TFH Balances by Jan Cole Download