Keynote Speaker

Touch for Health Casework Workshop

Amy Choi

Since the conception of Touch for Health (TFH), there has been various ways of teaching the techniques. First, there was the master-disciple retreat by founder John Thie, D.C. Then, there is the TFH Synthesis Levels 1 to 4, the IKC syllabus. Amy Choi would like to share a way called TFH Casework workshop which she has been teaching in China. This way of delivery puts emphasis on the global effects of TFH. It is a step to become TFH Consultants in China.

Amy Choi has been a Touch for Health (TFH) Instructor since 1998. Her experience in serving as TFH Faculty, TFH School Dean and board member gave her multiple experiences. She would like to share her experiences to more people in Asia so that more people can benefit from TFH.

Spritual Cycles in Touch For Health Balancing

Spiritual cycles are cycles through time and space where the created matter experiences the consequences of its thoughts, words and deeds as it transcends into a wiser being towards Enlightenment/Nirvana.There are many Cycles within the cycle of life frombirth to death. Some of these cycles are close ended with single/multiple rotations and some are spiralling, ending at a different place in the space as they complete a cycle. While every cycle has a process of beginning and end (Sristi, Sthithi and Laya) the spiral is immortal.

Dr Rashida Naraharasetti is a medical doctor, Touch for Heath consultant/ trainer Canada and Brain Gym consultant/instructor. She Co-authored Dancing to the Rhythms of the Cosmos and developed the “Spiritual Cycle Balance®” procedure. She teaches globally and sees clients in person and online internationally. She splits her time between her homes in Canada and India.

Nutrition and Rejuvination

Dr.dr.Tan Shot Yen, M.Hum

For the past few decades, nutrition has been on the limelight of health interest world-wide. Nutrition plays key role in all life cycle, from infancy to senior years. Good nutrition promotes health-related quality of life (HRQOL) by averting malnutrition, preventing dietary deficiency disease and promoting optimal functioning. Ironically, nutrition also contributes to devastating and debilitating non communicable diseases as well as degenerative health conditions. Inevitable premature aging and even death may become costly since today’s health care system will not reverse the existing diseases but ‘prolong life’ with symptomatic treatments. The collision between human biology, shaped over the millennia and modern technology, globalization, government policies and food industry practices have worked to create far-reaching energy imbalance across the globe. As the result, malnutrition occurs in all its forms, includes undernutrition (wasting, stunting, underweight), inadequate vitamins or minerals, overweight, obesity, and resulting diet-related noncommunicable diseases. 1.9 billion adults are overweight or obese, while 462 million are underweight. Rejuvenating is not a matter of methodology of reversing the irreversible human age, but bringing back the body nutritional requirement at its place - as a way of fulfilling the hunger of ‘real nutrition’, instead of following fad diets, nutrition quackery and charlatans.

Medical doctor with a master degree in philosophy and PhD in community nutrition. A lecturer and guest speakers in tv programs. She has published 7 best seller books and nominated as Indonesian people of the year in 2014


Balancing Muscles with Chakras

Hugo Tobar

Balancing muscles with meridians is the bread and butter of kinesiologists, since George Goodheart discovered the connection between muscles and meridians. Chakras, like meridians are a part of the human energetic anatomy and have the ability to correct muscles due to the chakras connection to the nerves of the human nervous system. Like Meridians, Chakras have different emotions and behaviours associated with their imbalances which can lead to the understanding of a different kind of imbalances that effect the muscles and how these imbalances can be corrected.

Hugo Tobar is the founder of 'Neuroenergetic Kinesiology’ (NK), one of the world’s most modern and advanced streams of Kinesiology. [visit site]

Journey of Reflexes in YOGA through Kinesiology - Rhythmic Movement Training (RMTI)

Premalatha Shanmugam

Demo of YOGA poses/asanas, especially 12 step Sun Salutations and its connections to primitive reflex integration. How yoga poses/asanas can be enhanced and improved for further physical flexibility, emotional and mental stability and maintain overall wellness and balance.

Homemaker cum Kinesiology Instructor, the finest of experiences to acknowledge and value self care and importance of balance as we experience our everyday living and learning moment as it is…

Touch for Health during pregnancy and labour

Suvi Lähteenkorva

Pregnancy and labour are a transformation into parenthood and a new life. It brings along many physiological and hormonal changes, as well as changing mindset. All this can cause various imbalances in the expectant mother. There are many ways to support a new family during this process, Touch for Health kinesiology being one of them. When understanding the process of bregnancy and labour, and the way how physiology is affected by the mind, one can apply kinesiology more effectively to support the normal physiological process.

Suvi Lähteenkorva is a Finnish midwife and TFH Instructor. She has worked as a midwife in hospitals for eight years before she started working as a kinesiologist and a homebirth midwife in 2014. She applies TFH kinesiology in her work during bregnancy, labour and post partum. She also teaches TFH kinesiology to midwifes and doulas.

23 simple IDEAS and APPLICATIONS from TFH for Pain Control + Quick Fix for Wrist Pain!

Matthew Thie

For over 40 years, Touch For Health (TFH), (and many other Specialized or Energy Kinesiology (SK/ EnK) programs that have grown out of TFH or in parallel to TFH and Applied Kinesiology (AK)) have provided a way for people to help themselves, their family, friends, and clients to enhance their natural healing process and reclaim the central role in the creation of their own Wellness, clarifying their own purpose, meaning and fulfillment in their experience of life.

President, TFH Education, Inc. www.touch4health.com . IKC/ TFHK Assoc. Past President, TFH Instructor since 1980, TFH Instructor Trainer/ Faculty 2003. Matthew presents TFH as a learning process that anyone can be trained to use for their day-to-day optimization of life experience. His emphasis is on putting the simple techniques into personal practice, and making the concepts and techniques personally meaningful. 1996-2005 collaboration with TFH Founder , John F. Thie, DC.; Co-authored: TFH Pocketbook with Chinese 5 Element Metaphors (2002), Touch for Health: The Complete Edition (2005), taught the TFH Goal-Setting & Metaphors Workshop and Instructor Training Worldwide since 2003.

The Human Bio Sonic Field Attunement.

Kerryn Franks Sedgman

Natures' biofield is the electromagnetic field which affects all life. Human interaction with this field experiences many disruptions compromising health, wellbeing, and consciousness. In 2004 I mapped a new human bio field which interacts with natures biofield, based on an ancient healing tradition. They are the Axiatonal energy paths which flow through us from nature. Solar acupoints found at the path intersections are the energy exchange centres between us and natures bio field. Biosonic tuning forks and platonic solids are used on the acupoints to clear disrupted paths to re attune to natures field of healing and consciousness. The results have been consistenlty astounding for over 14 years. My Presentation is now a vivid 3D format which shows accuratley how this field works.

Kerryn Franks Sedgman is an international teacher, public speaker, writer and kinesiologist who has evolved her craft for over 30 years. An Australian Kinesiology pioneer with leading roles in IKC Faculty, and Australian Kinesiology, she also founded the first Government accredited Kinesiology College in 1994. Kerryn teaches her own Resonance Kinesiology and Sacred Sciences programmes.

Balance Keep You Forever Young

Kris Huang Jinkun

Short term vs Long term. Rational vs Emotional. Details vs Big pictures . Consciousness vs Subconsciousness. The above series of contrastive phrases are elements that we should balance each time we make a decision, The above series of contrastive phrases are elements that we should balance each time we make a decision, How can we accomplish that? If you agree, does it means you are able to do it ? We use the balance mechanism of the body to do some learning, so that our whole system can really get it, then we keep the youth forever.

Huang Jinkun, one of China's earliest Touch For Health Instructors. The General Agent of Developmental Kinesiology in China. Now He is working with children to establish unique learning styles that fit their talents and gene, so that they fall in love with learning and enjoy their lives.

Berry's Body Management

Brian Haraga

Body management uses several simple and painless techniques to help restore the body's energy. Some of the focal points of Berry's. Body Management is in working with the organs, cranium release, cross-over switches, 4 main power switches, hiatus hernia, hip displacement, ileocecal valve, left brain Vs right brain, lower back strengthening, lymphatic ducts, prolapsed colon, skeletal structure etc.. A great way to understand the balancing techniques you will be using in working with the body is to use the analogy of the electrical wiring in a house. If the light does not come on, you try another switch, fuse, or circuit breaker. The body can enter into an ascending state of great health by getting the organs in their proper place, balancing the body, cleansing the organs, giving the body proper nutrition, exercise and rest.

Brian began using muscle monitoring for horses at age 15, By 16,an auto accident left him paralyzed. Al Berry's Body Management work enabled Brian to recover and get back to rodeoing. His work reflects his life lessons as well as his in-depth study of the body (human and animal) and how it works, incorporating many other modalities. Brian have more than 30 years of experience with people and animals. His main focus is his clinical work in Stettler, AB Canada; where he has worked with people of almost every known disease; ailment, and deformity by giving a wealth of knowledge such as the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and nutritional aspects of the body and continues to learn. He says "This healing modality allows me to help and enhance lives to its full potential in a caring straight forward manner.

The Illusive Ileocecal Valve: It's Importance to Your Health and TFH Balances

Jan Cole

The importance of the ileo-cecal valve and how it can affect our health, our stress, our energy, our behavior, our emotions, as well as, how we can help in ways to safely assist a malfunctioning valve will be presented. The ileo-cecal valve is the connection between the ileum of the small intestine and the cecum of the large intestine. It acts like a doorway between the dining room and and bathroom preventing material from going back from the large intestine to the small intestine. A myriad of symptoms can happen when the valve malfunctions from stress, emotions, pain, particular foods, dehydration, toxicities, postural imbalances, etc. We will learn to muscle earn to muscle check whether the valve is "stuck" open, closed or functioning normally and learn techniques and nutritional options to "balance" the valve for improved digestion and restored health.

Wholistic health studies began 1974; Certified TFH instructor ‘77. “Wellness” trainings:: acupressure, nutrition, Therapeutic Touch, NLP, PKP, HK, SIPPS, Neurolink, Body Electronics; Applied Kinesiology with Goodheart, Walther, Beardall; other K’s: Utt, Scott, Topping, Dewes, Dennisons, Krebs. Kinesiology courses taught/guest speaker: Canada, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, England, Austria, Italy, Argentina, Guatemala and US. A retired 30 yr teacher, Jan was a past Colorado Holistic Health Network President/management team; Jan served 7 yrs on TFHKA's board, 4 as President, 1 VP. Published numerous articles; two books. She has continued for many years to support and assist with Touch for Health Conferences in the US.

From Self-confidence to Self-esteem

Thomas Holvoet

What is the difference between self-confidence and self-esteem ? , How does it help to have a clear understanding between them ?, This lecture will invite you to explore some limiting educational beliefs to bring awareness about who you are and what you do to step into your potential more fully as a kinesiologist or an instructor. This simple and yet powerful understanding is introduced in the Training Workshop in Belgium.

Thomas Holvoet is an IKC professional kinesiologist, a Touch For Health trainer for Belgium and a NLP practionner. He incorporates various energetic skills to its practice. In the spirit of teamwork, he created Kinesioteam to promote Kinesiology in sports events such as 20km of Brussels.

We’re off to a great start: The Journey of Kinesiology Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Jackie Lysaght

At the 2017 IKC conference I presented the Scholarship of Teaching & Leaning as a catalyst for educational improvement. The main features of this approach are opening up by making teaching and learning visible, open to peer review and available for others to build on. How are we getting on? In this presentation I will outline our journey so far - what we have achieved, the challenges and where we could be going. I will also show how this work is underpinned through a presentation of my latest research studies.

Jackie Lysaght is a Touch for Health & Wellness Kinesiology Instructor/Researcher. She is also a Teaching Fellow in the Centre for the Integration of Research, Teaching & Learning at University College Cork where she is a Group Facilitator on the Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education.

Creative Leadership

Alexis Costello

We all agree that we need to raise awareness of SK work around the world. Yes, we can do this through more effective marketing but more importantly, we do this by creating a culture of support, information sharing and creativity that people want to be a part of. We can change the stories we tell ourselves about how things work and become leaders in a new way. Here are 5 ideas to change our field for the better, encourage new practitioners and support our growing tribe.

Alexis publishes Specialized Kinesiology Magazine quarterly and distributes it to KinesioGeek practitioners around the globe. Creator of the GEMS workshops and one of a handful of SIPS Instructors her plan is to bring kinesiology to as many people as possible. She is currently plotting the launch of a new company that will connect this tribe in new and exciting ways making work easier and more fun. Until then, she can be found singing to her beloved chickens and baby goats.

The Magic of Foregiveness

Anne Hiitola-Pedersen

"I foregiv" is a magical statement. Forgiveness affect the whole life in healthy way. We all know feelings as guilt, bitterness, disappointment and angry. It is easy to get stuck in the negative spiral of these feelings and loose energy. Foregiveness is a simpy and necesserry process if you want to rejunevate and reinvent yourself and your life During the presentation I will lean you a easy way to use foregiveness as a balancing method for yourself and in you daily work with clients. My inspiration for the work with Foregiveness as a balancing method has been Tuulikki Saaristo, Medical doctor, Psychotherapist and author of books about the subject.

Anne Hiitola-Pedersen, MA (Ed) in Educational Anthropology, TFH School Faculty for Denmark, Finland and Norway. Anne has been a practitioner and teacher in the field of complementary therapy since early 1990´es.


Sylvia Marina

Why does a relationship that’s over, still influence? When the feminine energy opens to another, we open not only to influence, engage, be present and experience but to incredible vulnerability. It is natural to desire, influence, know presence, power and love. But why do so many of our clients still hurt. Regardless of past choices, how much healing you/your client has done, and whether or not you are currently in a relationship you almost certainly find yourself navigating a host of issues ‘still carrying’ the residual impact of many past loves.

SYLVIA MARINA ND, FMAKA. Trauma & Human Behavior Specialist, kinesiology, orthomolecular medicine, Sylvia is recognized as an elder master who combines understanding, wisdom and grace to transforming ways that expand and deepen the human experience, heart and soul connection. IKC accredited course author: Transforming DNA Memories & Return To Love.

The Breakthru Approach with 3P.L.A.Y. – Turning Behavioural Obstacles into Opportunities

Phoebe Long Mei Wah

Stress, a major issue in teenagers and young adults, especially those with special needs, manifests as learning, behavioural and emotional challenges. ‘Quick fix’ remedies often leave parents distressed and helpless. They fail to understand that the root cause of stress is the imbalance in the family system, which must be 'reset' to restore harmony in relationships. The Breakthru Approach with 3P.L.A.Y. is a practical model for parents that replaces obstacles with teachable moments. Its three core ripples of empowerment combine the principles of Erik Erikson’s psychosocial development stages, Dr Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, Educational Kinesiology and Primitive Reflex integrations. The First Ripple (Presence, Listen, Acknowledge and Yeah!) instills the importance of timeliness and appropriateness in teenagers and parents. The Second Ripple (Plan, Language, Appreciate and Yeah!) encourages them to have an open mind to learn again. The Third Ripple (Progress, Lead, Aspire and Yeah!) motivates them to have a loving influence to make a difference and create opportunities to grow. Each ripple progressively empowers young adults and parents to manage stress calmly and mindfully. This systematic, practical approach has guided many young adults to tackle stress and transform into productive individuals. Parents are better equipped to support them and develop a loving family environment. The 3P.L.A.Y. is a mindful tool that not only provides an insight into young adults' stress issues but also restores hope in families.

Colour for Life

Catherine North

Colour for Life teaches you how to use color with kinesiology for healing the body, mind and spirit. Each level of our being radiates colour. Each cell of our physical body vibrates at a frequency which forms an unseen colour Our thought waves radiate out in vibrations as unseen colour. Our emotions vibrate at various rates creating different colours. Our soul energy is attuned to a specific colour, according to our soul’s purpose When we become stressed, unwell, or “off-colour” our body and auric vibration changes. Colour releases blocks to our well-being on a deep energetic level. Colour raises our vibration and consciousness, returning the physical body, mind and spirit to its rightful vibration and function.

Catherine is the Principal Teacher and Director of the Academy of Healing Arts, New Zealand and IKC TFH Faculty for New Zealand. She is a colour therapist and originator of two IKC certified modalities combining Colour Therapy and Kinesiology- Colour for Life and Soul Power Kinesiology. Catherine teaches students from beginner level to becoming practitioners and teachers in their own right.

in the net of our lies


Are we aware that we also lie? We lie to ourselves….. Is it intentional? …… And if it is, what do we intend to achieve with it? Did our parents, (teachers, friends, etc) lie to us? …… Was it intentional?...... And if it was,what did they want ot achieve with it? Things do not happen by accident! This is also a lie. We live in constant contact. That’s true. In contact with ourselves, and with others. And if we decieve oruselves, we deceive others as well. There are many ways to deceive each other and ourselves. If we take the risk to be our true selves, we say ’yes’ even if it’s negative. And if your heart tells you to say ’no’, then say ’no’. Even if it’s negative. Maybe it’s more important to be sincere than nice. Is it????

Philosopher-teacher, qualified kinesiologist, kinesiologist teacher / instructor Member of the Faculty of the EDU-K Foundation, Professional Kinesiology of the IKC, President of the Hungarian Kinesiology Foundation, Dean of the Hungarian Professional Kinesiology School

Chakras & Kinesiology

Robin Brown-Frossard

There are many simple and effective techniques for balancing the energy flow through the chakra system. In this class we will look at an introduction to the chakras and the energy channels, according to the seven chakra configuration. Once we know what we're working with, we will do hands-on work to immediately experience a balancing technique. We'll end the class with an amazing group sound balance.

Robin is an IKC professional kinesiologist in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. She is TFH Faculty for her region as well as representative of several professional associations and schools. She is a big figure-8 fan and loves to balance with chakras. She uses many Tibetan and Himalayan personal development Tools in her own life and while accompanying others.

Approaches to The Self Responsibility Model

Little information is available on the self-Responsibility model and yet it is at the very heart of the TFH ethos. This presentation explores the self-responsibility within every are of us and how it is understood by individuals around the world , as well as it's symbiotic relationship with the educational model. At the end of this paper we will have an understanding of how we can discover our own self-responsibility creating empowerment and wellbing for our selves and others

Helena Arguelles is a naturopathic kinesiologist. Having studied many aspects of kinesiology and complementary health care over almost 30 years. She revels in the powerful simplicity that is TFH. And particularly enjoys transferring the techniques and ethnics to her everyday life. she shares her understandings as IKC trainer for the UK.

Touch for Health, for mothers

Satsuki Kato

Happy to show how I am sharing Touch for Health with mothers around daily. Mothers are fully occupied 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, nonstop. Having no time to watch themselves, with many troubles and stress… I myself am a mother, not any professional on health industry. I have seen many mums who made miracles and changes with TFH. Will share what I am doing with them and actually happened around us.

A mother of two boys, who used to work in an office for twenty years. Three years coming along with Touch for Health and one and half years old as its instructor. ow telling, sharing TFH with mothers around almost every day.

Zen Counseling for kinesiologists

Kenichi Ishimaru

Kinesiology is a science to find the answer within. If kinesiologists have mastered a very effective goal setting method, you will become a perfect kinesiologist. Zen Counseling is the simplest goal setting method. You can become a professional counselor just in four days. If any client is also a Buddha and knows the answer within, what is the role of counselor? It is not necessary to give them any advice. To give them a chance to look inside must be good enough.

President of Japan Touch For Health Association IKC faculty for Japan. The founder of Zen Counseling, which was created by brushing up John Thie & Paul Denisson’ s counseling for Goal Setting, has been shared in many Asian countries such as Indonesia, China and india. Appearing often on TV show

14 Muscles Qigong

Henry Remanlay

In Touch For Health we learn that 14 muscles relate to 14 main acupuncture meridians. Qigong is a health method to improve Qi circulation in 14 meridians through movements, breathing and concentration. In Touch For Health 14 muscles qigong, the emphasize is to improve the Qi circulation in 14 meridians through specific movement concentration and breathing technique. Touch for Health 14 muscles Qigong develoed from the principle of Qigong and Taichi.

Henry is a Classical Chinese medicine practitioner working as acupuncturist, herbalist, in his clinic “Dr.Tan & Remanlay Institute”. As a Touch For Health (TFH) and Brain Gym International Faculty, He incorporate his knowledge in Kinesiology and reflexes into his daily work as a Classical Chinese medicine practitioner. He also conducts classes in Health Qigong and Taichi Chen’s style. He developed the essence of acupuncture meridians with reflexes into Remanlay Acureflex Integration (R.A.I) courses where students comprehend the acupuncture meridians from the east energetic model and bio-physic model.

life changes through the face / lift up therapy

Lift up therapy is lifting up your face, as well as working on thoughts,behaviors, and emotional patterns and changing of your life changes of the inner appears in the expression of the face. On the other hand, you can also change the inner side by working from the face. you can also change the inner side by working from the face. lift-up therapy can achieve regaining your innate with younger. exciting and lively selft by working from both physical and mental approach. this therapy makes possible to lift-up your face as well as your breast, hip and luck.

I 1995, I became a facilitator for 3 in 1 concept training, which was first held in japan, and became a touch for health instructor in 2003. since then, as one of the pioneers of kinesiology in japan. I am contributing to the spread and development of kinesilogy. there are more than 1000 vidios on you tube.

Shine with Touch For Health-my mother´s volunteer activity for elderly community.

Toshie Suzuki

I teach Touch For Health in communities. elderly facilities. nurses associations and schools. My 86yeat-old mother has learnt Touch For Health level 1 and organizes exercise groups for elderly people at home as a volunteer activty. Participants are between 80 and 96 years of age and are great 14 muscle dancers!

Since five years ago. I´ve been sharing simple Touch For Health techniques and 14 muscle dance with elderly people to help enhance tueir health and well-beig. My 86 year oid mother is also actiiveiy promoting Tauch For Health.

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